During an interview, you will be asked a series of questions in order for the recruiter to gather information about your knowledge, skills, experience, personality, and work style. There are several types of interview questions that can be classified and categorized into certain types. These classifications may help you prepare for and answer these questions during your interview.

The 4 types of interview questions are:

Personality questions (Most common questions asked in the beginning)

Interviewers will ask you these questions to learn more about your personality and to see whether you’re a good match for the position and the business. These are open-ended questions that allow you to demonstrate to the company that you are well-qualified for the job. These types of interview questions are used by employers to learn more about the applicant as a person and as an employee. These may include questions to determine if the applicant is qualified for the position or a good fit for the company’s culture.

Sample Interview Questions:

Behavioral questions:

Employers ask these types of interview questions to gain a sense of how candidates have dealt with difficult situations or responsibilities on the job. Employers may want detailed instances of how situations were handled, disputes were resolved, or objectives were achieved. These types of interview questions that are behavioral in nature concentrate on how you handled different job circumstances in the past. Your answer will show your talents, personality, and capabilities. 

The rationale behind this interview strategy is that your previous conduct reflects and forecasts your future behavior.

When answering these types of interview questions that need an anecdote, the STAR method is a good tactic to employ. It’s a great method to get your ideas organized. Using this method, there are four stages to answering: 

Sample Interview Questions:

Skills and Knowledge Interview questions

These types of interview questions are asked by interviewers to see whether the applicant’s skills meet the job requirements. Questions vary from a simple list of abilities to instances of how skills are used, evaluate the candidate’s qualifications as well as how he or she has handled similar circumstances in the past.

Sample Interview Questions:

Industry-specific interview questions

These types of interview questions could be industry-specific to see how well the applicant understands the business. Employers look for candidates that have a good grasp of how the business operates and how they see themselves fitting into its systems. To be able to answer these types of interview questions, you need to stay up to date with the latest and most recent news related to your industry and fold of work.

Sample interview questions:

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