Important Points to Remember

1. You’re not making nearly as much money as you anticipated.

Some positions just do not pay well, so do your homework. Something is wrong if the job title you hold usually pays a greater salary where you reside.

The Solution

Look at websites like Pay and Glassdoor and OppTy, which monitor wages and include salary calculators, to get an idea of what you should expect to be paid.

Speak out if you believe your pay is below the market rate. A yearly review is an ideal time to do so. Also, think about applying for jobs that pay what you anticipate.

2. You’re tired of it.

If you find yourself checking the clock often only to find that very little time has gone since the previous time you peeked and overall feel bored with your work, it’s an indication you’re searching for something more difficult and interesting.

The worst thing about being uninspired and dissatisfied at work is that it drains your energy, making it difficult to take steps toward a better career.

Of course, we all become bored at work from time to time. There’s a reason the phrase “Sunday scaries” is so popular: many individuals dread coming to work on Sundays. However, if you hate coming to work or find that the days are constantly lengthy and boring, it’s an indication that the job isn’t right for you.

The Solution

There may be more interesting tasks available in your present employer in some situations. You may just need to raise your hand and express your desire for additional tasks and responsibilities to your bosses. It’s also conceivable that there’s nothing more for you to do in this position, in which case it’s time to move on.

If you’re stuck for ideas, set up informational interviews with individuals who work in sectors or professions that you believe might be a better fit for your interests.

More Options for Dealing With Unemployment

Being unemployed is often due to circumstances beyond your control. It’s possible that the job market is tight. It’s possible that you have a highly specialized talent that’s in short supply. Alternatively, you may be forced to work several part-time jobs due to a lack of full-time opportunities.

Any of these situations would be very aggravating. Without being glib or implying that moving from underemployment to employment is simple, here are some strategies to try:

Being unemployed may be very demoralizing. It may begin to seem like this work is your only choice over extended periods of time at a career that isn’t enjoyable or doesn’t completely meet your financial requirements.

If your boss is unaware that you want to do more, whether it’s by working longer hours or taking on additional duties, raise your hand and let them know. This may pave the way for new possibilities.

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