What Can Job Seekers Expect in 2022?

online meeting discussing job search trends in 2022

Coming into the New Year with renewed optimism, we reflect on the good and bad that the last year has brought. As job seekers, it’s important to recognise that the process of recruitment has undergone numerous changes due to the continuing pandemic.  Posing a tremendous challenge and pushing businesses around the world to fundamentally rethink […]

Part 2: Signs You’re Underemployed and How to Deal With It

Signs You're Underemployed and How to Deal With It

Important Points to Remember When you’re underemployed, you’re not working to your full potential, which may entail working fewer hours or in a job that doesn’t fully use your talents and expertise. Making much less money than anticipated, being bored, or working fewer hours are all indications that you’re underemployed. There are many alternatives to […]

Part 1: Signs You’re Underemployed and How to Deal With It

Signs You're Underemployed and How to Deal With It

The terms “unemployed” and “employed” have simple meanings. You don’t have a job (and desire one) if you’re jobless, but you do if you’re working. Underemployment, on the other hand, is a little more complicated and distinct from unemployment. 1. Your qualifications are more than those required for the job. You’re likely underemployed if a […]

Are you looking for a second career?

Second Career Career Change

Are you contemplating a major career change? You’re not the only one who feels this way. While no official statistics exist on how often people change occupations, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that Americans have an average of 12 jobs throughout the course of their lives. At least some of those […]

5 P’s of Job Hunting

5 P’s of Job Hunting

Job hunting in Singapore may seem like an epic adventure with hundreds of twists and turns that keep you up at night. Enough with the circling time, it’s to put an end to your on-again, off-again job hunt and start laying down some solid steps that go someplace. The 5 P’s of marketing are a […]

How to Read a Job Posting

How to Read a Job Posting

Job ad descriptions follow a similar format. That doesn’t imply you should skim a job description. It will help you create compelling cover letters, save time by just applying to suitable positions, and prepare you for phone screenings and in-person interviews. How to Read a Job Posting? Job ad descriptions are usually divided into sections. […]

Career Advice Tips for College Students

Career Advice tips for College Students

Many possibilities for launching your professional career may be found in college. It’s critical to concentrate on your professional goals, make plans for the future, and consider any recommendations that may help you progress in your chosen industry during this time. This will help you better prepare and guarantee that you are ready for any […]

How to Start Applying for Jobs: A Step-by-Step Guide

Steps to start applying for jobs

Do you need to begin your job hunt but are unsure how to go about doing so? What is the most effective method and how to start applying for jobs? The best way to apply for jobs is determined by the kind of job you want and how the business handles applications. In many instances, […]

3 ways to boost your chance of landing your dream job

Boost your chance to land your dream job

To achieve what you actually desire, you must first understand what you desire. It may sound complicated, but in order to land your dream job, you must have a crystal clear picture of what that dream job is. If you don’t, you will never discover it. It’s no secret that finding the perfect job takes […]