Tips on how to create a professional resume – Do’s and Dont’s

how to make a professional resume

When it comes to searching for a job, having a valuable and powerful CV is a must. Your CV serves as a marketing tool for you, showcasing your abilities and experiences to recruiters and assisting you in landing an interview. In a highly competitive market, though, you’ll discover thousands or even more applicants contending for […]

Ultimate resume writing tips for college students

resume writing tips for college students

For college students, putting together a resume is a difficult task. They’ve seen individuals submit resumes before, and they know that the job experience is put first. And because that’s what they don’t have yet, what else should a college student’s resume include?  Creating a college student resume is the ideal method to communicate your […]

Top 10 best key skills to include in a CV

key skills to include in CV

The skills part of your CV demonstrates to employers that you have the talents needed to succeed in the position. Employers often pay close attention to the skills section when deciding who should advance to the next stage of the recruiting process. The key skills to include on CV are an important part of your […]

5 Most Important Sections to Include in Your CV

important sections to include in your CV

Your resume acts like a menu, displaying what you have to offer to potential employers. And, just as a menu is divided into several sections to make ordering at a restaurant simpler, resume sections make it easy for busy hiring managers to determine whether you have the qualifications they want.  To continue with the menu […]