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Who We are

OppTy is where Talent meets Technology, and together they converge to form a social media platform that provides comprehensive talent management services. With the first, one-of-a-kind automated recruitment system, we offer the complete package from sourcing, searching, coordinating, matching, and hiring.

OppTy has crafted a two-way talent management platform that utilizes AI-based algorithms and an in-house automated system to produce successful and tangible results. Our social media platform is built to bridge the gap between job seekers and talent hunters. The platform offers features designed to aid job seekers in getting what they want and talent hunters to find what they need.


CV Creation & Advice

Guidance through the resume creation process.


Career Roadmap Assistance

Advice and visualization of desired career based on individual's skills and interest.


Interview Prep

Preparation and guidance through the complete interview process.


Potential Candidates Pool

A curated list of candidates suitable for specific job positions.


All-in-one recruiting process

From sourcing to coordinating, to matching, to hiring all done on a single platform.


Complete Online Process

Less paperwork is involved throughout the process - everything is done Online.

About Us

For Job Seekers

Searching for your dream job can be tedious. You are often lost in the sea of choices, confused about which choice is the best to make your career grow. You want advice but don’t know where to start or whom to ask. You are anxious about your resume, cover letter and wonder if you are asking too much or too little. 

We offer an environment to understand and analyze what jobs are best suited for you, along with AI-based career advice. Our career consultants are here to assist you throughout the entire process, from CV creation to interview prep. The platform provides a safe place for job seekers to choose the best career roadmap available to them and make the right decision. We don’t just chuck a list of career options at you. We match, optimize and travel your career paths with you.

At OppTy, you are all covered! We transform your career vision into a roadmap for your future growth.

For Talent Hunters

Finding the right talent is tough. You want someone that fits the job requirement like a jigsaw puzzle. You wish the process to be efficient, not waste time with cold calls to candidates that don’t fit the job role or interview that don’t yield any result.

When you register with OppTy, you get to access our automated recruitment system, where you can post job openings and let us handle the complete searching, screening and hiring process. You can schedule interviews with interested candidates and even take virtual interviews. All your interview remarks can be added to the interviewee’s profile, avoiding all the paperwork. This ultimately results in a streamlined recruitment process. 

Easy Recruitment Process
All-in-one Recruitment platform
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