Top 10 best key skills to include in a CV

key skills to include in CV

The skills part of your CV demonstrates to employers that you have the talents needed to succeed in the position. Employers often pay close attention to the skills section when deciding who should advance to the next stage of the recruiting process. The key skills to include on CV are an important part of your […]

5 Most Important Sections to Include in Your CV

important sections to include in your CV

Your resume acts like a menu, displaying what you have to offer to potential employers. And, just as a menu is divided into several sections to make ordering at a restaurant simpler, resume sections make it easy for busy hiring managers to determine whether you have the qualifications they want.  To continue with the menu […]

Best examples of career goals to set for yourself

Examples of career goals

Have you ever considered your long term career goals or short term career goals? It’s a frequent interview question, but most of us haven’t given much thought to particular career goals and how to accomplish them. Setting smart career goals will help you focus better and succeed in your career. Having an idea of smart […]

How to set short term and long term goals for your career?

shirt term and long term career goals

Career goals are the road plan that will lead you to your desired career goal. Though not every plan works out precisely as you hoped, setting career goals keeps your attention on track. In the long term and short term, determining what you want to achieve professionally may help you become a more productive and […]