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Reduce your time spent looking for candidates or apply for jobs. OppTy takes care of all your hiring and career needs for you!

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How It Works

AI-based algorithm to match the right candidate with the right job

Find out how OppTy makes your recruitment process smarter and simpler.

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Automated Job Matches

Save on hours of manual job or candidate search as OppTy will filter through all the suitable candidates on our platform and recommend them for suitable job positions.

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Passive Hiring Solution

Passive candidates make the majority of a global workforce. With OppTy's smart recruitment solution, you can easily search for prospects that match your hiring needs.

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From Hiring to Onboarding

Manage your entire hiring workflow on OppTy from candidate search to interviews, hiring, and onboarding.

Why Choose OppTy?

One tool for all your hiring needs.

OppTy is a smart, intuitive and powerful recruitment solution your hiring team will love to use. Automate all your manual tasks and onboard candidates easily, so your team can focus on what matters most – the candidates.

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Discover & Explore

Connecting job seekers and recruiters effortlessly

Whether you are a job seeker or a hiring manager, OppTy is a comprehensive platform that will take care of all of your needs.

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For JobSeekers

Let us help you find your dream job

Reduce the time spent looking for jobs or pondering about your career change. We help to identify the best job roles and positions for you, and we’ll even help you craft profiles that will showcase your best skills and talents.

For Corporates

Trust us with your complete recruitment process

Save over 50% on your hiring costs with our suite of powerful and affordable features, including: 

  • Smart Candidate Selection and Interview Scheduling 
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Candidate Onboarding
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Who We are

Recruitment Agency

We are experts in the Human Resources industry

Our founder has over 15 years of experience in the Human Resource industry, and so we know what are the challenges frequently faced by recruiters and job seekers.

OppTy was created as a platform to solve all the common pain points faced by hiring managers and candidates, and our mission is to provide you with a smart, affordable platform that will revolutionise the way you approach career planning and recruiting.

Key Features

Optimise your hiring workflow

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Effortlessly Sync Your Contacts with Google


Invite your contacts on Google to join OppTy and expand your network quickly. 

Automated Interview Scheduler


With OppTy, you can now send automated interview invitations to one or more candidates who can choose from available times on your calendar.

Grow Your Talent Pool with your Career Page


Allow candidates to join your Talent Network and stay updated with your latest news and updates.

Boost Your Hiring Team's Productivity


With features like our interview reminders and automated hiring pipeline, OppTy eliminates the need for repetitive administrative tasks.

Get onboard with OppTy for our beta launch!

Be an early adopter and one of the first few in the world to try out our platform. During the beta phase, all corporate and job seeker accounts are FREE, and you will gain access to exclusive perks, benefits, guides, and promotional rates.